Preliminary ramblings

Most of the time I’m steeped in self-critical indolences, so always considered the idea of creating and maintaining a blog to be pathetic self-indulgence and a wasteful addition of never-to-be-read words to the vast information oceans. I’ve felt it was a safeguard too: to spare myself the future painful awkwardness of rereading or even merely knowing about the existence of formerly written sentences I immediately loathe. I’ve decided to accept the inevitable embarrassment, as perhaps surprisingly, there still exists some primal impulse towards cognitive action in my unpleasant brain, some desire to write cogent posts, organise mental activity, thoughts, and information. A will-to-think? No, mostly it’s just a means to more worthily procrastinate my degree (maths), devoting some part of my dilettante behaviour to blogging, which is marginally better than some of the alternatives of wasting time.

I don’t know what this will be about, maybe I’ll give up on this blog after posting this first post. This will be just for myself – ramblings of a hollow young mind, squeamish writhings and writings. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to write about my philosophical interests, about films and books. Or maybe not. I’ll consider it a challenge and exercise, serial experiments waiting to happen (or not). What it will be is an exemplar of inarticulacy, ennui, laziness, and pretension. Mostly self-loathing.

If you’re unfortunate enough to read these trivialities I urge you to quit. Apologies for wasting your time, there’s no adequate excuse I can give.

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