Everywhere, decaying memories

Today The Caretaker released the final Stage of his long-running music series Everywhere at the end of time (as well as a bonus album Everywhere, an empty bliss), marking the completion of Kirby’s project. Having re-listened to the whole series today, I can reliably say it’s one of the greatest and most poignantly harrowing pieces ever created, a profoundly enveloping sinking into the recesses & expanses of utter confusion and deep temporal fractures. From crackling anemoia-inducing warm melodic ballroom pop recordings, to the sonic dimensions of intractably atmospheric complex ambient labyrinths, the intensity of the work is unmatched, its honesty gripping, its implications daunting. Ontological indeterminacy flourishes, the linear progression of time is upset, the coordinates of space washed away, the disassembling mind a sputtering collage of decaying memories, empty blissful feelings, a hazy patch of incoherent fog, an eerie cry into the void.

Stage 1

A1 – It’s just a burning memory

A2 – We don’t have many days
A3 – Late afternoon drifting
A4 – Childishly fresh eyes
A5 – Slightly bewildered
A6 – Things that are beautiful and transient

B1 – All that follows is true
B2 – An autumnal equinox
B3 – Quiet internal rebellions
B4 – The loves of my entire life
B5 – Into each other’s eyes
B6 – My heart will stop in joy

Stage 2

C1 – A losing battle is raging
C2 – Misplaced in time
C3 – What does it matter how my heart breaks
C4 – Glimpses of hope in trying times
C5 – Surrendering to despair

D1 – I still feel as though I am me
D2 – Quiet dusk coming early
D3 – Last moments of pure recall
D4 – Denial unravelling
D5 – The way ahead feels lonely

Stage 3

E1 – Back there Benjamin
E2 – And heart breaks
E3 – Hidden sea buried deep
E4 – Libet’s all joyful camaraderie
E5 – To the minimal great hidden
E6 – Sublime beyond loss
E7 – Bewildered in others eyes
E8 – Long term dusk glimpses

F1 – Gradations of arms length
F2 – Drifting time replaced
F3 – Internal bewildered World
F4 – Burning despair does ache
F5 – Aching cavern without lucidity
F6 – An empty bliss beyond this world
F7 – Libet delay
F8 – Mournful cameraderie

Stage 4

G1 – Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions
H1 – Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions
I1 – Stage 4 Temporary Bliss State
J1 – Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions

Stage 5

K1 – Stage 5 Advanced plaque entanglements
L1 – Stage 5 Advanced plaque entanglements
M1 – Stage 5 Synapse retrogenesis
N1 – Stage 5 Sudden time regression into isolation

Stage 6

O1 – Stage 6 A confusion so thick you forget forgetting
P1 – Stage 6 A brutal bliss beyond this empty defeat
Q1 – Stage 6 Long decline is over
R1 – Stage 6 Place in the World fades away



When work began on this series it was difficult to predict how the music would unravel itself. Dementia is an emotive subject for many and always a subject I have treated with maximum respect.

Stages have all been artistic reflections of specific symptoms which can be common with the progression and advancement of the
different forms of Alzheimer’s.

Thanks always for your support of this series of works
remembered by The Caretaker.

Physical editions of all stages on both vinyl and compact-disc
are available now and are being distributed by Boomkat.

May the ballroom remain eternal.

C’est fini.

STAGE 1 – (A+B)
Here we experience the first signs of memory loss.
This stage is most like a beautiful daydream.
The glory of old age and recollection.
The last of the great days.

STAGE 2 – (C+D)
The second stage is the self realisation and awareness that something is wrong with a refusal to accept that. More effort is made to remember so memories can be more long form with a little more deterioration in quality. The overall personal mood is generally lower than the first stage and at a point before confusion starts setting in.

STAGE 3 – (E+F)
Here we are presented with some of the last coherent memories before confusion fully rolls in and the grey mists form and fade away. Finest moments have been remembered, the musical flow in places is more confused and tangled. As we progress some singular memories become more disturbed, isolated, broken and distant. These are the last embers of awareness before we enter the post awareness stages.

STAGE 4 – (G+H+I+J)
Post-Awareness Stage 4 is where serenity and the ability to recall singular memories gives way to confusions and horror. It’s the beginning of an eventual process where all memories begin to become more fluid through entanglements, repetition and rupture.

STAGE 5 – (K+L+M+N)
Post-Awareness Stage 5 confusions and horror.
More extreme entanglements, repetition and rupture can give way to
calmer moments. The unfamiliar may sound and feel familiar.
Time is often spent only in the moment leading to isolation.

STAGE 6 – (O+P+Q+R)
Post-Awareness Stage 6 Is without description.


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